GROW Trainee programme offers a great chance for a young engineer to learn about Stora Enso as a company but also to understand how to develop oneself as a colleague and as an individual. Definitely, one of the highlights for me was the international assignment that I spent in our Tokyo office. I am working as a development engineer and the learnings of Japan market and customers have helped me to consider the customers' view better in my everyday work.

GROW Trainee Programme for me was a very joyful and powerful journey, I would say: perfect beginning of the career. In this short period, I developed my personality very significantly, I utilise the tools and insights I gained during the programme in my daily life, for work and personal purposes. I find this very helpful and the pace, I continue my development is amazing ! The experience and knowledge from the modules makes me very conscious about the strategy and leadership values.

Starting my Stora Enso career as a GROW trainee gave me the unique opportunity to learn about our strategic priorities and interact with our top management. Such a platform not only allowed me to build an extensive network within the organisation to leverage from, but also fostered my career ambitions. Today, I am leading our Digital Intelligence & Advisory team, supporting different management teams towards their digitalisation agenda, partly due to the extensive leadership and entrepreneurial training within the GROW programme, but also due to the other factors mentioned previously.

I started out as a GROW trainee at Stora Enso. I gained a lot of knowledge about the business, but also of myself. I faced new challenges, which made me step outside of my comfort zone. I grew a lot on a personal level which has led me to where I am today. I’ve had four different positions within development, production and technical customer service, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my time as a GROW trainee.