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Anjala paper mill produces printing paper made from mechanical pulp. Paper machine 2 produces coated book paper. Paper machine 3 produces uncoated book paper and improved newsprint grades. Total annual production capacity is 435,000 tonnes. Anjala paper mill employs 300 professionals. Anjala Mill is closely integrated with the neighbouring Ingerois Mill, utilising synergies in raw material and energy supply.

Heinola Fluting Mill has produced high-quality semi-chemical fluting since 1961 as raw material in the corrugated board industry. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Heinola village, the Mill is located only about an hour and a half by car from the capital city Helsinki. Heinola Mill has approx. 190 employees and is amongst the most efficient in Europe. It is an integrated pulp and board mill, and the annual production capacity is 300 000 tons of fluting.

Stora Enso Helsinki headquarters, designed by world-famous architect Alvar Aalto, is located in the city centre next to the president’s residence and Market Square. There are some 200 employees in this office, who work for various functions and business areas.

Imatra Mills is one of the largest Consumer Board mills in the world. The mill produces a million tonnes of board and paper annually, of which over 90% are exported to Europe and Southeast Asia. The two production units - Kaukopää and Tainionkoski - employ 1,300 people. Stora Enso Imatra Mills is situated c.a. 250km east of Helsinki in the town of Imatra, on the southern shore of Lake Saimaa.

Ingerois Mill produces high-quality folding boxboard for consumer packaging needs such as food, confectionery and pharmaceutical products. The mill is best known for its brand names Tambrite and Tamfold, both used for their high bulk, stiffness and excellent printing properties. Both brands are also known for consistent quality, making them reliable and renewable choices for cost-effective packaging solutions. Ingerois Mill, with an annual capacity of 280,000 tonnes, is closely integrated with the neighbouring Anjala Mill, utilising synergies in raw material and energy supply.

Stora Enso Oulu Mill is one of the world’s largest and most modern facilities manufacturing high quality coated wood-free papers. The design, integration and location of the Oulu facility are unique: almost all raw materials including energy are carried from one plant to another by pipeline. Oulu Mill is part of the Stora Enso Paper business area. The mill includes two paper production lines, a sheeting plant and a pulp mill with annual production capacity of 1,125,000 tonnes coated woodfree papers and 370,000 fully bleached softwood pulp. A total of 600 people work at the Oulu Mill site.

The mill is situated at the mouth of the Kymi River in Kotka, Finland, approx. 130km east of Helsinki. The mill was designed by architect Alvar Aalto and inaugurated in 1938. Sunila mill produces bleached sulphate softwood kraft pulp, so-called reinforcement pulp, for wood-containing mechanical printing papers such as LWC, SC and newsprint using high-quality softwood as raw material. Over 150 permanent employees work in the mill today.

The Enocell Pulp Mill is located in Uimaharju village in North Carelia, Eastern Finland. The nearest town, Joensuu, is situated 50 kilometres away. The current capacity of the mill is 475,000 tonnes of bleached hard wood, soft wood pulp and dissolving pulp per year and the number of employees is 170.

Varkaus mill is situated in the Eastern lake district of Finland, about 318 km from the capital Helsinki, surrounded by rich forests. Varkaus mill consists of Containerboard Mill, Sawmill and LVL Mill. Containerboard operations include wood handling plant, pulp mill and one paper machine, PM3. Containerboard Mill employs approx. 400 permanent and temporary workers in operations and maintenance.

Veitsiluoto Mill in Kemi is part of Stora Enso’s Paper business area. Annual production capacity of four paper machines, pulp mill, ground-wood mill, saw mill and sheeting plant is million tonnes of office and coated magazine papers. The saw mill’s capacity is ca. 200,000 m3. The pulp mill’s yearly production of 380,000 tonnes is used as raw material for office papers. Veitsiluoto Mill employs about 760 people, of which 600 work for Stora Enso.

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