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Ala Mill, located in Ljusne, produces sawn timber and window components mainly for importers and industrial customers. Ala uses pine and spruce logs as the raw material for its production. The capacity of the mill is 370 000 cubic meters, with component production capacity of 45 000 cubic meters.

Stora Enso Fors AB is part of the Consumer Board Division. At paperboard mill in Fors, outside Avesta in Dalama, we manufacture boxboard used for consumer packaging such as food and cigarettes, as well as for graphic purposes, e.g., greeting cards and book covers. We also manufacture the CTMP pulp carton middle layer. Fors Mill is one of the largest producers of boxboard products in the world with a total annual capacity of 455,000 tonnes. The number of employees in Fors is about 650.

Stora Enso Logistics has about half of its staff, 55 employees, working out of Stora Enso’s Gothenburg office. Others are located in Lübeck, Düsseldorf, Helsinki, Kotka and Gent. All of Stora Enso Logistics’ areas of operations are present in Gothenburg – procurement of land and sea transports, information processes as well as controlling and administration. In addition, booking and dispatch services for Stora Enso´s global container transports are being carried out by the Global Ocean Services team in Gothenburg. Stora Enso’s Group IT also has a small team here.

Gruvön Sawmill is located on the shore of Lake Vänern 25 km west of Karlstad, close to large company land holdings which guarantee a long-term raw material supply. A significant part of the outbound transports are done by vessels entering and exiting Lake Vänern via Trollhätte canal. The Mill produces sawn goods, pellets and planed goods mainly for construction. Pine and spruce logs are the raw material used in the production, which operates at a sawn product capacity of 370 000 cubic meters, 100 000 tonnes of pellets and 150 000 cubic meters of further processing.

Hylte Mill was established as early as 1907. The present mill, which first came into operation in 1972, is today one of the world's largest newsprint mills, and produces high-quality newsprint, deinked pulp and biocomposite. The two paper machines have a combined capacity of 480 000 tonnes per year. The objectives is to produce newsprint that meets customers' quality requirements while at the same time showing consideration for both the interior and exterior environment.

Stora Enso’s Innovation Centre for biomaterials was officially inaugurated on 17 December 2015 in Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden. The Centre hosts research, application, business development and strategic marketing under one roof. The Innovation Centre boosts the competitive offering by identifying business opportunities in the renewable materials market and linking them with leading innovation and research centres in business and academia. It is an important step towards transformation into a renewable materials company. There are currently 50 people employed at the Centre, and recruitment for new talent is ongoing.

Nymölla Mill, located 20 kilometres east of Kristianstad in Bromölla municipality, produces pulp and uncoated fine paper. Our customer base includes Europe’s largest paper merchants and office paper retailers. Our most famous product is Multi Copy. The mill has carried out a successful line of products since its pulp and paper mill openings in 1962 and 1972, respectively. The production capacity is 340,000 tonnes of pulp and 485,000 tonnes of fine paper.

The three Swedish converting plants in Skene, Jönköping and Vikingstad work closely together and are known as Stora Enso Packaging. They employ about 400 people and the product range includes consumer packages, transport packages, grouped and retail-ready packages, corrugated sheets, packaging systems and machines. Skene, located between Borås and Varberg, is some 60 kilometres southeast of Gothenburg.

Skoghall Mill is a modern world-class producer of cartonboard aimed for consumer packaging and printing purposes. Its products are used for some of the most demanding market segments, such as liquid packaging and dry foodstuffs board. The mill is located in Forshaga, near Karlstad and employs approximately 770 employees.

Skutskär Mill is a pulp mill dating back 100 years. Today the factory is a modern high-tech workplace with a focus on safety and lean production with emphasis on hygiene. Skutskär Pulp Mill is a strategically important facility for Biomaterials division. The mill mainly produces fluff pulp for diapers and other hygiene products. Skutskär Pulp Mill also produces paper pulp for the manufacture of journal, newspaper and cardboard for food. Our customers are worldwide. The number of employees is approximately 340.

Stora Enso Stockholm headquarters, located in the World Trade Centre building in the heart of the city, employs roughly 70 employees who work for various business areas and group functions. The office is recently renovated and offers state-of–the-art office facilities.

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